Romina Tsitou is an architect living & working in Athens since 2000. She studied in the UK between 1991-1998, completing her BAarch, PostGraduate Diploma PartII and MAarch in Architecture at the University of Westminister and worked in London as an architect. In Athens, she has participated in the design & construction of many commercial building projects (hospitals, office buildings, retail shops, restaurants etc.) and has designed and constructed private house projects. When the Greek economic crisis brought construction to a halt, she got involved in tourism by creating a series of homes specially designed for holiday travelers, some in the city and some on the coast of Athens. Being a traveler of the world herself, hosting guests came natural and she absolutely loves it. She speaks Greek, English and French. She is one of the first Airbnb hosts in Greece and great supporter of Sharing Economy, not just for homes but in anything we can share via a web-platform. She is one of the founders and member of the Board of the “GREEK ASSOCIATION of SHARING ECONOMY (

Building projects
Αίγλη Ζαππείου
Αθηναική κλινική
Παιδιατρική Κλινική
Κτίριο γραφείων Interamerican
Πολυκατοικία στο Golf Γλυφάδας
Συγκρότημα κατοικιών στην Γλυφάδα
Συγκρότημα 2 κατοικιών στο Πανόραμα Βούλας