Traditional Garden Apartment

Traditional-styled space in an old building, but renovated keeping the original identity with eco-materials and built-in furniture. Opens to a private back-garden, so you live indoors & outdoors, in a city where days are usually sunny and warm. The garden is on the back of building, so there is complete privacy from the street and quietness, despite the central location. Double doors separate the living room from the bedroom, so it works like a one space but also as 2 separate rooms.

The floor and built furniture are built in the old traditional construction method, with pressed volcanic mix, a material used from ancient times. Originally the mix consisted of lava from Santorini, river sand, lime and water. The mixing of these earthy materials, all found in nature, creates a surface that although waterproof, allows the building to breathe.

The garden space is 100% private for your use. The plants are automatically watered so all you have to do is sit and enjoy… You can also have an outdoor shower if you feel hot in the summer, if you have a bathing-suit.
We are in an urban area, so if you want to have a late-night chat & drinks while our neighbors sleep, there are many open-air bars open till late at 2 minutes walk. This way you can speak freely and they can sleep freely, too!



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