Sunny Garden Apartment

An oasis in the heart of the city…This apartment opens to a private garden, so you can live both indoors and outdoors. So, you stay cool and protected from the city’s heat & noise! We are in the heart of Koukaki, a neighborhood that is on the edge of Acropolis but still keeps its local spirit, one of the safest and most vibrant Athens spots! Our street is lined with wild orange trees and old buildings, yet the flat is renovated, keeping its traditional elements and natural materials.

The careful use of natural materials like traditional cement flooring, built-in furniture, wood finishes and the immediate connection with the garden, refer to traditional Greek architecture. It feels like a cozy Greek holiday home, not a city apartment. All windows look to the protected garden, so you are sheltered from the summer heat and the noise of the streets. It is ideal for a couple of people and one more can sleep on the long couch, which has an orthopedic sleeping mattress. If you are a bigger group of 4-5 people, the studio apartment next to this one can be rented together, so you will be able to gather in the garden, although you have the privacy of 2 apartments!

It is a small house, so the Laundry room is communal for every floor of the building. At a small cost, we can provide you with washing-machine option.

This is not a classic apartment… It is a garden apartment in the heart of the city… The garden has high stone walls but we have outdoor conditions, some insects and birds might fly in the air and the cats of the neighborhood walk by! We even have a bowl of water for the cats, in the hot months of the summer… They are cute,  non aggressive and will not come close to you but if you don’t like the presence of cats, this is not the right spot for you…



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