Pool house with sea view & infinity pool

50 sq.m ground floor house with lovely garden and infinity curved pool that overflows towards the sea view. Traditional-style architecture, one bedroom & living room with a double bed-sofa. Can be combined with our guesthouse (4+3=7 pers).

Live like on a Greek island, only 30 km from the Acropolis! Great beaches and relaxed holidays combined with easy access to the city.

The house and the garden around it is for your own use… We live (me and my parents) on the 1st floor of the building with separate access and use only the upper part of the garden, which is on a different level from the pool and has no eye-contact towards the pool level. There is a guesthouse that accommodates 2-4 people on the other side of the pool, with no direct eye-contact to the other house. So, unless you are a larger group that booked both houses, the pool is shared (but there is plenty of seating areas around the pool, on several levels so you don’t all have to seat together) . Pool maintenance might take place sometime during the day, but not for long…

Please note that our village is full of cats that all of us feed and take care off. They don’t come close unless you feed them. So, if you are not an animal-friendly person, or you have a fear of pets, this is not the ideal location for you.

Please keep in mind that this is a summer holiday escape . This is a typical old summer home with character but no many luxuries. This is intentional, as it is used for a getaway from city life. Of course it is super-clean, with wi-fi and air-condition for the hot days. If you are a person of luxury, this is not the ideal home.

2 eco-homes with amazing infinity pool & sea view

A curved turquoise private infinity pool that overflows to the sea view of the Aegean sea, with 2 separate guest-homes on each side (4+3=7people). Big garden in 3 levels, planted with pine, lemon, fig, almond trees & herbs, inhabited by 5 friendly cats. Open view to the sea, with no immediate neighbors in sight. The best beaches of Athens, traditional seaside tavernas and shops are close by. Living here feels like a Greek island, still we are only 30 km from Acropolis!

The swimming pool is a special construction, “hanging” on the edge of the hill. The water overflows to “infinity”, so when swimming you see the 3 shades of blue: the turquoise of the pool, the deep blue of the sea and the light blue of the sky!

The homes are constructed with earthy materials, with built-in beds and one of them has even a green-roof, for extra coolness. We promote an easy-going beach lifestyle close to nature, where you can sunbathe and swim all day… The garden is split on 3 different levels, for a variety of views and privacy between the 2 homes. Being situated on a small hill by the coast, the garden offers amazing sea view of the Mediterranean, planted with trees that produce almonds, lemons, figs for our guests to use. Cats live freely in the neighborhood so they wander in the garden (but not indoors). Some of the best beaches of the Athens Riviera are close by and the tavernas of our area offer traditional Greek food, made with local products. You have the feeling of being on a Greek island, still you are only 30 km away from the ancient city of Athens and the Acropolis! The Athens airport is only 20 minutes drive away.

Our estate is on a hill, near the beach, built on 3 different levels. My family home is on the first level, with a separate entrance and garden, with no direct eye-contact with the guest homes. We don’t see you and you don’t see us, unless we come down once a day for pool maintenance. The pool area and the garden around the guests’ space are 100% private for you. Still, me and my family will be available when you need help or some tips on restaurants, tavernas or little secrets of Athens!

Cats and turtles walk freely in the garden but NOT inside the houses. We take care of them and feed them outside the property, so you can have as much (or as little) interaction as you prefer. if you don’t enjoy the presence of animals, this might be not the best holiday place for you.

Eco-bungalow with Infinity Pool

Bungalow with sea-view and green roof for extra coolness! Has a private garden and use of curved infinity pool that overflows towards the sea view. Traditional architecture with eco-materials. Can be combined with the main house (4+4=8). Live like on a Greek island 1h from Acropolis.

The bungalow is constructed with ecological earthy materials. Even the roof is planted, to blend in with the natural surrounding and also to provide a cool temperature in the building. The pool is at your feet and the sea 5 minutes drive away. So, you feel you are on a greek island but still you are 30 klm from Athens center!

The pool area is shared by one more small holiday house, but each house has a private entrance, private garden and NO eye contact between each other…
The 2 houses can be rented together at a better price, if you want the pool and the whole property to be 100% private.

Cats in Greece live free in the streets and we feed them outside the house. They are calm and friendly and you will find them walking in your garden. So, if you are not a cat person, this is not the right place for you…

Garden Studio close to the Acropolis

An oasis in the heart of the city…This studio opens to a private garden (not in the street) so you stay protected from the city’s heat & noise. You will live both indoors and outdoors! We are in the heart of Koukaki, a neighborhood on the edge of Acropolis that still keeps its local spirit, one of the safest and most vibrant spots! Our street is lined with orange trees and old buildings, yet the studio is freshly renovated, keeping its traditional elements and natural materials from the past!

Sunny Garden Apartment

An oasis in the heart of the city…This apartment opens to a private garden, so you can live both indoors and outdoors. So, you stay cool and protected from the city’s heat & noise! We are in the heart of Koukaki, a neighborhood that is on the edge of Acropolis but still keeps its local spirit, one of the safest and most vibrant Athens spots! Our street is lined with wild orange trees and old buildings, yet the flat is renovated, keeping its traditional elements and natural materials.

The careful use of natural materials like traditional cement flooring, built-in furniture, wood finishes and the immediate connection with the garden, refer to traditional Greek architecture. It feels like a cozy Greek holiday home, not a city apartment. All windows look to the protected garden, so you are sheltered from the summer heat and the noise of the streets. It is ideal for a couple of people and one more can sleep on the long couch, which has an orthopedic sleeping mattress. If you are a bigger group of 4-5 people, the studio apartment next to this one can be rented together, so you will be able to gather in the garden, although you have the privacy of 2 apartments!

It is a small house, so the Laundry room is communal for every floor of the building. At a small cost, we can provide you with washing-machine option.

This is not a classic apartment… It is a garden apartment in the heart of the city… The garden has high stone walls but we have outdoor conditions, some insects and birds might fly in the air and the cats of the neighborhood walk by! We even have a bowl of water for the cats, in the hot months of the summer… They are cute,  non aggressive and will not come close to you but if you don’t like the presence of cats, this is not the right spot for you…

Traditional Garden Apartment

Traditional-styled space in an old building, but renovated keeping the original identity with eco-materials and built-in furniture. Opens to a private back-garden, so you live indoors & outdoors, in a city where days are usually sunny and warm. The garden is on the back of building, so there is complete privacy from the street and quietness, despite the central location. Double doors separate the living room from the bedroom, so it works like a one space but also as 2 separate rooms.

The floor and built furniture are built in the old traditional construction method, with pressed volcanic mix, a material used from ancient times. Originally the mix consisted of lava from Santorini, river sand, lime and water. The mixing of these earthy materials, all found in nature, creates a surface that although waterproof, allows the building to breathe.

The garden space is 100% private for your use. The plants are automatically watered so all you have to do is sit and enjoy… You can also have an outdoor shower if you feel hot in the summer, if you have a bathing-suit.
We are in an urban area, so if you want to have a late-night chat & drinks while our neighbors sleep, there are many open-air bars open till late at 2 minutes walk. This way you can speak freely and they can sleep freely, too!